General Information for Visa/ Police Clearance Certificate


Visa for Sri Lankan Nationals 

Nationals of Sri Lanka need to have Bangladesh visa endorsed on their passports before visiting Bangladesh.  Bangladesh High Commission in Colombo is authorized to issue visa primarily to Sri Lankan nationals.

Visa for non Sri Lankans

The High Commission often comes across questions about Bangladesh visa for non-Sri Lankan nationals.
They can apply at Bangladesh High Commission in Colombo, only if they have valid Sri Lankan residence visa endorsed on their passports.

Visa-On-Arrival for non Sri Lankan Nationals

If these non-Sri Lankan nationals, now visiting Sri Lanka, do not have Sri Lankan residence visa on their passports, they stand a chance of availing visa-on-arrival in Bangladesh, if they are of certain nationalities and if they meet certain conditions. 


  • Applicants may collect the visa application form from the counter of the Consular Section of High Commission or obtain it from online (Consular>Download Forms) and fill it in
Process for visa
  • Documents in local language are to be submitted with notarized English translation.
  • Payment of processing fee should be made in Sri Lankan Rupees by Card- Mastercard/Visa Card/Union pay only to the consular counter. Cash is not accepted.
  • Processing fee for visa applicants: Please find it on the High Commission's official website/ Notice Board/ Consular Counter.
  • During submission, applicants are interviewed
  • If, for any reason, applicant intends to get his/her passport back before the date of delivery (and without endorsement of visa), he or she should apply in writing on plain paper; visa processing fee, however, will not be refunded

Documents to be attached with application for visa:
  • Two copies of recent passport size photograph
  • Passport (minimum validity of 6 months) and its photocopy and, in case of non-Sri Lankan passport, also photocopy of page of residence visa
  • Non-refundable processing fee
  • Additional supporting documents depending on category of visa (shown below)

Visit Visa

  • Letter of invitation from Bangladesh.
  • Copy of flight particulars or air ticket.
  • Bank statement covering last 30 days or more.
  • Hotel booking in Bangladesh.
  • Sponsor/invitees ID/Passport copy.
  • Leave approval letter from employer/workplace.

Business Visa

  1. Copy of registration of company in Sri Lanka
  2. Letter of authorization from company in Sri Lanka about proposed visit
  3. Letter of invitation from the sponsor in Bangladesh
  4. Optional: Letter of recommendation from a recognized business chamber in Sri Lanka.

Employment/Technical Visa

  • Letter of invitation from the sponsor in Bangladesh
  • Copy of contract of employment from concerned company in Bangladesh
  • Letter of recommendation received direct by High Commission from Board of Investment (BOI) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) or other government agencies of Bangladesh
  • In case of visa for dependent family member (FE) of someone with employment visa (E), the work permit of the concerned employee and documents as evidence of status of dependent family member of the applicant have to be submitted in addition
  • Applicants should provide e-TIN Certificate with QR code as well as last/ Latest Tax return certificate in Bangladesh
  • Copy of newspaper/website advertisement of the vacancy
  • If the applicant has previously worked in Bangladesh, he/she should provide the following details of the last employer/workplace.
    1. Release letter/ No Object letter.
    2. Work permit conciliation.
    3. Last tax document and TIN certificate.

Investor Visa

  • Letter of invitation from the sponsor in Bangladesh
  • Copy of contract of employment from concerned company in Bangladesh
  • Letter of recommendation about investor status from Board of Investment (BOI) of Bangladesh or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) or Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)

Student Visa

  • University acceptance/invitation letter
  • Document related to admission
  • Bank statement of financier (unless admission is secured in a government institution and through government channel)

Missionary Visa

  • Letter of appointment/recommendation from the Church
  • "No Objection Letter" from Ministry of Religious Affairs, Bangladesh

NGO Visa

  • Letter of attestation from NGO Affairs Bureau regarding the appointment
  • Appointment letter from the concerned NGO in Bangladesh

Other Types of Visa

If you need information on documents for other types of visa or if you have any questions about documents of the above-mentioned types, please inquire at the counter or write e mail to Please note that, for certain types of visa, High Commission needs clearance from the concerned authorities in Bangladesh.
Defense personnel are requested to submit the visa application through the Defence Wing of the High Commission (Contact number: 2695744/48 ).

Police Clearance Certificate

  • An application to the High Commission mentioning for the period and the address of the institution under which the applicant stayed in Bangladesh
  • An application addressed to the Superintendent of Police or Police Commissioner of the concerned district (according to the period and address of the applicant)
  • Photocopy of applicant’s passport
  • Copy of visa(s) and stamp(s) of entry/exit into/from Bangladesh during the applied period
  • In case of an employee, copy of work permit for the applied period
  • In case of a student, copy of student ID and Educational Institution’s certificate
  • Payment copy of BDT 500 through treasury challan (code 1-7301-0001-2681) in any treasury branch of Sonali Bank or Bangladesh Bank in Bangladesh or a copy of online payment through using debit card/credit card/MFS account
  • If necessary, Police authority may ask for additional document(s)
  • The Police Clearance Certificate may be received through online PCC system ( in Bangladesh