Religious Cooperation

The friendship between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is founded on historical bonds, and social, cultural, and linguistic linkages between the two peoples. The root of this special relation dates back to the beginning of Sri Lankan history with the legendary migration of King Vijaya from Bengal to Sri Lanka along with his 700 followers about 2500 years ago.

Common Buddhist history and heritage of the two countries form a strong foundation of friendship and amity between the two peoples. Buddhists in both countries follow Theravada Buddhism. The hair relics of Lord Buddha, enshrined in a Buddhist Monastery in Chittagong, were handed over on the 18 July 2007 in a ceremony to Sri Lanka as a goodwill donation from Bangladesh. Again, on 20 April 2011, another portion of hair relics of Lord Buddha was presented by Bangladesh to Sri Lanka. Bangladesh recently completed work on the decoration of the Bangladesh Gallery of the International Buddhist Museum in Kandy.