Multilateral Relations

Engagement in the UN 

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka maintains excellent cooperation in different multilateral fora, particularly the United Nations. Bangladesh will continue to work together with Sri Lanka to further strengthen the existing bilateral cooperation in all concerned international and regional organizations.

Bangladesh deeply appreciates Sri Lanka’s support to its various flagship initiatives at the UN, including the resolutions on People’s Empowerment and Development, Culture of Peace and Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disabilities.

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would continue to engage within the Bali Process to help implement the Regional Cooperation Framework in an action-oriented manner to further enhance intelligence and information sharing to combat trafficking in persons, people’s smuggling and related transnational crimes.


As a member of BIMSTEC, Bangladesh is closely associated with Sri Lanka. The 13th Ministerial Meeting of BIMSTEC decided to set up the BIMSTEC Permanent Secretariat in Dhaka. Sri Lanka conceded to the outcome of the consensus concerning the venue for the Permanent Secretariat of the BIMSTEC. The Secretariat is now working with the cooperation and assistance of all member states including Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka hosts BIMSTEC meeting/ conference on different occasions – with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka as the focal Ministry of the Government.

Colombo Plan 

Bangladesh is a member of the Colombo Plan Secretariat since its inception and has been working closely with the Secretariat in the areas of human resource development in the context of South-South cooperation. The main purpose of the Colombo Plan is to support the economic and social development of member countries, promote technical cooperation and help transfer technology between member countries, facilitate the transfer and sharing of development experiences among member countries in the region with an emphasis on the concept of South-South cooperation.